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Cancer fight

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Amygdalin – Vitamin B-17 / 100 tablets/500 mg

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Amygdalin – Vitamin B-17 tablets – alternative cancer therapy

100 Tablets / 500 mg

What is there about amygdalin that keeps it going? Amygdalin has a success rate of 6 to 60% - really!!!! Only in conjunction with a holistic treatment method, though. In which case, amygdalin is only a small building block that assists the treatment process tremendously. It has never been possible to prove that a reproducible cure result was achieved by taking amygdalin tablets alone. you can find more about this in our standard information in Letters 1 and 2.
We assume that you are seeking alternative ways of treating your cancer. If so, it is very important to find a doctor who is prepared to administer the holistic treatment to you.

Contact addresses are enclosed with this letter. To start off with, you will need to undergo preliminary examinations, after which amygdalin will be administered intravenously over a period of hours.
Vitamin B-17 tablets can be taken immediately for therapeutic purposes, by following the instructions in the pack (Directions for Use) in combination with an appropriate diet and recommended food supplements, e.g. the Neways products (begin with the lowest dose). *

Info from Dr. Goldberg, USA
Make sure you read all our information (also the doctor's information) and make your
decision only after consulting a doctor.

Now to our standard information: Accompanying letter 1

Please find enclosed our current standard information. It does not claim to be complete. and is only intended to present some preliminary information:
We are not a team of doctors, but are only manufacturers and distributors of alternative medicine products. All the details here are based on voluntary reports of experience provided by physicians and patients from all over the world.
Vitamin B-17 (amygdalin) is not an officially registered medicine or food supplement in Germany, Austria, or elsewhere in the world. However, tablets and vials (ampoules) may be imported from a foreign European country with or without a prescription from your doctor.

Upon receipt of a request from you, we will send you the addresses of doctors and
pharmacists from neighbouring European countries.
Other plant and organ preparations are not registered worldwide but are nevertheless known as successful though controversial preparations. A correct combination of products from the previous alternative treatment methods with receptor blocking on the cancer cells activates a suicide programme (involving total self-destruction) .
A survey of its use and prospects for success in Japan is enclosed.
This is only one current study on the use of amygdalin Only years of experience by the doctors who use alternative therapies for treating cancer patients will ensure success.

Since natural substances are individual products that react in totally different ways in the human body, reproducible results following the administration of an individual preparation are excluded almost from the start.
Following close co-operation for more than 25 years, between the manufacturers and
worldwide distributors of preparations for alternative treatments, we have received from doctors and clinics from all over the world the following promising results: cases of spontaneous cures involve about 3% (see pack insert vit. B-17 "FIFTH CLASS" (these are really hopeless cases, according to orthodox medicine ) metastasis to all body organs, bone, brain and lymphatic system, and this percentage rises from 6% to over 30% in the case of whole body (metabolic) treatments. In Japan, with supplementary urine therapy, successes of up to 60% within 3 months are being reported.

Correspondingly, the success rate in percentages rises in a lower class (Directions for use).


Until now, there has been no reliable, absolutely guaranteed, therapy against cancer. There is no difference here between orthodox medicine or alternative methods.
Too many factors are involved in this treatment process. Consequently, we would like to record the experience of the last 25 years of doctors from all over the world.
A. Usually, the development of any type of cancer involves the overburdeningand steady weakening of the endogenous defence system. Defective cells are produced in the human body millions of times on a daily basis, but the immune system recognises these defective cells and destroys them.
There are a number of factors which decrease or weaken the activity of the immune system.

However, they all have one thing in common, they act as suppressors which are produced by the pituitary gland. This produces a hormone that sits on the surface of the T-lymphocytes (killer cells) and prevents their activity.

1.) As a result of the normal ageing process, everything automatically grows weaker: eyes, muscles, connective tissue etc and finally also the endogenous immune system (also to be observed as cancer of old-age).

2.) Additional weakening of the immune system as a result of incorrect nutrition. E.g.
irradiated foodstuffs, unbalanced diet, pesticides, acrylamides, metallic toxins, food
colourants, etc. The harmful products contained in food are often in such a low concentration that they do not directly or immediately cause damage by themselves alone, it is only the constant intake of these products over a period of years that causes the immune system to grow even weaker.

3.) Stresses resulting from incompletely cured diseases and vaccine damage.

4.) Extreme stress resulting from dead teeth, jaw damage and, for example, mercury
exposure from amalgam fillings and metal alloys in the dental region.
A panoramic X-RAY of the teeth and jaw region is taken as a first remedial measure to establish whether dead teeth, inflammation or other defects are present. In each case, all amalgam fillings can be replaced with non-metallic fillings using automatic aspiration, as a preventive measure by professionals.

5.) Weakening of the immune system as a result of psychological stress involving the
workplace, relationships or family (partner, children etc.). (Undertake a possible yoga course or other relaxation exercises, or consult a psychotherapeutist)
B. For strengthening the endogenous defence system there are various therapies from around the world, ranging from the scientifically proven to the hypothetical.

1.) Scientifically proven: Thymus forms activated endogenous interferons. T-lymphocytes (killer cells) are produced in increased amounts (this is a complicated process involving migration through the thymus gland etc.). Thymus therapy is to be recommended without fail after chemo- and/or irradiation therapy.

2.) Scientifically proven : (KC-2) Aristolochic acid containing 0.15 mg per coated tablet
activates all T-lymphocytes (killer cells) found in the body to full aggressiveness for a
maximum of 3 hours. If possible take one coated tablet only every 3 hours. According to the
most recent information, it is better to take 2 coated tablets every hour.
3.) Vitamin B-17 (see Goldberg report)
Now, to the therapy proposed by Dr. Byron W. Goldberg, USA
C. independently of the previously mentioned examinations by the dentist and
1.) According to pack insert VITAMIN B-17 VIALS 20ml 3g
1st to 20th day daily 12 grams all at once intravenously (4 3g vials) 80 V (the first 3
21st to 40th day daily 9 grams all at once intravenously (3 3g vials) 60 V
41st to 60th day daily 6 grams all at once intravenously (2 3g vials) 40 V
61st to 80th day every 2nd day 6 grams i.v. 10 x 6g 20 V
81st to 100th day every 3rd day 6 grams i.v. 6 x 6g 20 V

lowest total : 220 V
If intravenous injections cannot be given at the weekend, increase the respective dose times.
Possible replacement of oral (amygdalin tabs.) – but begin with the lowest dose.
2.) Thymus ampoules 2ml:
1st to 60th day daily 2 ampoules of 2 ml each intravenously or intramuscularly.
61st to 120th day every second day 2 ampoules of 2 ml each