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Beres Tropfen

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Beres Drops 100 ml 20ml FREE

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The scientists from Kisvárda has invented his medicine with speizieller composition in the 70s and since then it is taken up by millions for the prevention or control of diseases. His Puhm has penetrated into all the world.
This unique blend of trace minerals and Enel Menten has for more than 20 years of technical and political struggles of the inventor since January 2000 on the highest qualification of its class: it was recognized as a medicine.
The Béres Drops boost the immune system, they are applied in Hungary and in many places in the world prophylactically and therapeutically with success, in every age group.
The scientifically based effective composition and the simple dosage made the Béres Drops for most known and most commonly used drug, the symbol of health in Hungary.

Even if it does not want to know the pharmaceutical industry: Béres - drops also help in cancer. We know an alternative therapy clinic with Béres - has long been working drops and so resounding successes in cancer patients, which depreciated by the so-called omniscient medicine ,, ,, were..

Try to reduce milk and coffee during therapy.

1 x 100 ml

* The smooth functioning of the immune system to support the defenses of the body,

* Supports significantly the physical activity,

* Fights fatigue, loss of appetite, malaise, weakness, insomnia and prevent these symptoms, ,, ,, morbidly, promote recovery after surgery

* Additional therapy for tumors (cancer).


* 10-20 kg bodyweight per day x 2 5 drops,

* 20-40 kg body weight per day to 2 x 10 drops

* More than 40 kg of body weight daily for 2 x 20 drops.

The indications for the treatment of symptoms or as adjunctive therapy:

* 10-20 kg body weight: per day up to 2 x 10 drops

* 20-40 kg body weight: 2 x per day 20 drops

* More than 40 kg body weight daily: 3 x 20 drops.