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Turmeric with black pepper 120 capsules

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Called turmeric, and turmeric or turmeric, belongs to the ginger family and is used as a spice since 3,000 years. In addition to essential oils curcuminoids are the main ingredients. These are contained in Curcuma longa to 3-5 percent.

Turmeric grows wild on Java and is cultivated in tropical Asia and Africa. It's main ingredient of curry spice mix. In Europe should turmeric since 1150 AD. Be known. As "Indian saffron" it replaced the often much more expensive real saffron. The name of the plant may be traced back to the ancient Indian word "kunkuman", which stands for Safran.If turmeric is not, as is the case at the curry spice mix, mixed with black pepper, the digestive system can absorb it only poorly. The piperine black pepper increases the absorption of curcumin is many times. Ideally, it should be taken with a little oil.Ingredients: 380 mg Curcuma longa ground *, Cellulose (HPMC, pure vegetable capsule), 40 mg Black pepper ground *. * Certified organically grown Drug / daily dose: 2280 mg Curcuma longa, 120 mg Black pepper Recommended dosage: daily consume 3 x 2 capsules with some liquid before meals. Features: pure vegetable Notes: dietary supplements. The recommended dose should not be exceeded. Do not use as substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of small children.