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Zeolite + turmeric 90 Capsulas

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Zeolite + turmeric 90 Capsulas The efficacy of zeolite + turmeric in natural medicine: The medicinal effect of zeolite + Turmeric could be demonstrated in many international studies. Scientific studies confirm: zeolite + Turmeric acts with regard to the glucose uptake of the cell to up to 100,000 times! better than the well-known diabetes drug metformin. Many of the common chronic diseases can be prevented and treated with turmeric. Fields of application: Strengthening the immune system Zeolite + Turmeric is supportive and helps our body to produce specific T-cells, which are so important for fighting disease. Only a strong immune system is able to be protected from viruses, bacteria and other attackers. Zeolite + Turmeric has the ability to ion exchange; its minerals can make their way through the digestive tract of a hand pollutants such as memory toxins (heavy metals), even radionuclides, chem. Absorb residues from food and medicine, viruses, bacteria, fungi and their toxins, decay and fermentation toxins due to poor diets or suffering from intestinal flora and excessive acids in the body, bind reliable and of course exit via the intestine. The body can be detoxified so, neutralized, purified. The minerals are a matter of not digested by the body or taken, but naturally excreted in the feces through the intestines. The detoxification organs liver and kidneys can be relieved, because many pollutants are already bound in the digestive tract and therefore not only reach in the bloodstream. This property can have a positive on entry, transit sleep behavior noticeable. Also positive is the effect on the connective tissue (slag deposit). It remains pure, which in turn allows for a better cell supply. Improve digestion Zeolite + Turmeric helps bloating, stomach discomfort and bloating z. B. for a copious meal. Turmeric helps digestion and improves the intestinal flora. Taking before each main meal improves the natural fat digestion, acts entblähend, soothes the intestinal muscles and can be used as support for irritable bowel syndrome. Detoxification of the body / u liver.Bile problems Pollutants from the liver and other toxins can be derived in the intestine.Strengthening the spleen Especially in today's fast-suffering time in which many, especially working people, through too much stress, lack of sleep and headaches, are irritable, feel anxiety, strengthens zeolite + turmeric which so weakened spleen. High cholesterol / diabetes Zeolite + Turmeric is to lower blood sugar levels in the body is able, making straight for each diabetics a great help. We recommend to normalize daily at the cholesterol levels here 2-3 capsules. high blood pressure Zeolite + turmeric lowers proven blood pressure counteracts the dangerous arachidonic acid and also reduces inflammation. Cardiovascular disease / atherosclerosis Zeolite + Turmeric is often used in these common diseases, especially since it can counteract inflammation in the vessel walls. Alzheimer Zeolite + Turmeric is here also attributed a preventive effect. With regular use supports the brain and its structures. In a previous study was written down that zeolite + Turmeric the breakdown of neurons delays, prevents deposits in the brain and improves memory performance in Alzheimer's patients. Inflammation in muscles and joints / rheumatism / arthritis Zeolite + turmeric reduces inflammation by inhibiting the enzymes Cyclooxygenase-2, lipoxygenase and NO synthase. In inflammatory eye diseases zeolite + Turmeric acts as strong as a steroid. Other studies confirm an equally effective treatment with zeolite + Turmeric in other inflammatory diseases that are usually treated with steroids. Aspirin and ibuprofen might be superfluous, since a study has proved that zeolite + Turmeric is a similar anti-inflammatory and growth-inhibiting effect, as these drugs, particularly against cancer cells. Cancer Zeolite + Turmeric is no cure for cancer, it has been demonstrated that it used to support the medical therapy, significantly improved the quality of life of patients. Here, however, a higher dosage is required under ärztl. Control. In addition, studies have shown: Zeolite + Turmeric has anti-cancer and preventive effects. Especially with cancer has been shown that zeolite + Turmeric is largely responsible for the regression of polyps in the colon and polyps remaining enormously reduced. It is also known that curcumin inhibits the spread of metastases (in breast cancer). Application: The easiest and most compatible and is taking zeolite + turmeric in capsule form. Take 1-3 capsules daily, before meals with plenty of water 200mg of powdered zeolite (clinoptilolite), 180mg of powdered root of turmeric (Curcuma longa), cargo agent microcrystalline cellulose, anti-caking agent magnesium stearate. Capsule shell: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.