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Silver Water

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Where from the body silver covers

By the annexation of plant nutrients the minerals become in the digestive tract would cross where our body uses the taken organic (chelatierten) minerals and transports them about the bloodstream to the different organs of our body there. That is the fact that we receive silver from the plants.

If we can take up silver, also as age reasons for different reasons, no more enough, a silver lack develops in the course of the time. He impairs the immune system in his work what can lead to higher infection susceptibility up to the cancer. I suppose that silver lack is probably one of the principal reasons that cancer not only exists, but increases in such a tempo in the industrial lands. "


Separate application of different means

Colloid silver should not be mixed possibly at the same time with other products!

It should never be mixed, e.g., at the same time with vitamin C or with other products. Take, for example, in the morning on sober stomach colloid silver and after the breakfast from vitamin C, or other products.

Optimum silver water concentration for applications Lab tests have shown that "real" colloid silver works in the amount 3 to 5 ppm (parts per million) extremely profitably against infections and while killing the most different microbes, viruses and mushrooms, but has almost no consequences on "friendly" bacteria. If colloid silver is too concentrated, however (more than 5 ppm), it could disturb the sensitive balance by liquidation of a certain number of friendly bacteria. For the oral, internal application silver water best of all unwatered, or with water is drunk to 3-5 ppm watered. Before every use shake the stock bottle.

prevents that silver water possibly kills some of the bacteria important for the digestion in the bowel.

So that silver water can quickly go over in the lymph and bloodstream, one keeps it for some time in the mouth and under the tongue. Thereby one prevents that silver water possibly kills some of the bacteria important for the digestion in the bowel.



no touch of the silver water with metal!

By the electrolytic production are charged the ultrasmall little silver particle electrically and thereby float in the water. If one brings the colloid silver water now with a metal container or spoon in contact, this can destroy the electric load - and ruin with it one of the supposed most important energy effect at cell level. One should use colloid silver a tablespoon by day.To the taking use a wooden spoon or plastic spoon. Colloid silver also not in the nearness of rays (computers, microwave, mobile phone, strong magnetic field etc.) or in daylight keep.