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Herbetom 1 HB liver

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Herbetom HB 1 (HEPATICOBILIAR). PROPERTIES AND RECOMMENDED FOR: Is indicated to improve the digestive functions, in addition to protecting and regulating the functions hepato-biliary, restoring the glandular tissue damaged either by toxic assault, drug, food or infectious.

It acts as a digestive tonic, and colerética colagogo, antiinflammatory mesenchyme on the liver, Carmine, depurative and diuretic, stimulating the appetite, antidiarrheal, antispasmodic, accelerating the function you can remove toxins from the liver, improving the metabolism of urea and cholesterol, polyphenols presents fighting the virus of hepatitis A, drained of gallstones and helps normalize the figures transaminase altered.

It is hepatoprotective and regenerator of hepatocytes for their content silimarina, a flavonoid with the ability to stabilize the cell membrane liver. It is recommended in liver failure, as an adjunct in the treatment of liver cirrhosis and poisoning (food, chemical and alcoholic), viral hepatitis, fatty liver (fatty liver), biliary dyskinesia and its associated symptoms, lazy gallbladder, gallstones and cholecystitis.

MEMBERSHIP: Grosellero Black, Cardo Santo, milk thistle, artichoke, fennel, mint, sage and Black Radish.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Take a measure of 10 ml. before the 3 main meals.

PRESENTATION: Syrup 250 ml.