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Padma 28

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The original Padma 28 with aconite tubers

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Tibetan medicinal product

What is PADMA 28 and when is it used?
PADMA 28 is a medicinal product produced in Switzerland according to a proven
recipe of Tibetan medicine . It is used in circulatory disorders with symptoms such as
a tingling sensation, formication, feeling of heaviness and tension in the legs and
arms, numbness of the hands and feet and calf cramps.
According to the tradition of Tibetan medicine, circulation- stimulating and antiinflammatory effects and antibacterial properties in respiratory-tract infections are
attributed to the camphor recipes on which PADMA 28 is based.

How do you use PADMA 28?
Unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor, start the treatment with 2 tablets 3 times a
day, taken with ample fluid 30 minutes to 1 hour before meals. As soon as there is
definite improvement the dosage can be reduced to 1 to 2 tablets per day. Persons
who have difficulty swallowing should dissolve the tablets in lukewarm water. If
gastrointestinal symptoms appear, the tablets may be taken at mealtimes,
with ample fluid (preferably boiled, lukewarm water). The dosage may possibly have
to be reduced. If the tablets have been prescribed for you by your doctor, any
adjustment of the dosage should be discussed with him/her. Allow an interval of oneand- a-half to two hours between taking PADMA 28 and other medication.
Keep to the dosage indicated in the package insert or prescribed by the doctor. If you
think that the effect of the medication is too weak or too strong, talk to your doctor,
your pharmacist or your druggist.

What other precautions should you take?
Like all medicinal products, PADMA 28 must be kept out of the reach of children.
The product must only be used up to the date indicated with “EXP“ on the container.
Store in original package at room temperature (15 - 25°C).
Further information may be obtained from your doctor, your pharmacist or your
druggist who have access to the detailed Product Information for Medical

What does PADMA 28 contain?
One tablet contains:
Columbine 15 mg, valerian root 10 mg, D-camphor 4 mg, aconite 1 mg, lettuce leaf 6
mg, clove 12 mg, golden cinquefoil 15 mg, kaempferia galanga rhizome 10 mg,
costus root 40mg, Iceland moss 40 mg, cardamom fruit 30 mg, Bengal quince 20 mg,
myrobalan fruit 30 mg, calcium sulphate 20 mg, allspice 25 mg, neem fruit 35 mg,
calendula flower 5 mg, red sandalwood 30 mg, heart-leaved sida 10 mg, ribwort
plantain 15 mg, liquorice root 15 mg, knotgrass 15 mg.


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